Sunday, May 20, 2012

I was reading my first post of DiSh of Green, today, and I felt like I was reading the words written by my own child. What happened to my utopia of a world with a large market for green products? If you look in the right places you can find that but, I am not satisfied. I see three markets that are disproportional in size.

The first and (arguably) largest consists of non-green items. For example, that pair of jeans in your closet that was made by underpaid children in Indonesia that was shipped to your local mall by gas guzzling ships and trucks. The second market is products that aren’t green but say that they are. In today’s market big businesses can get away with calling anything environmentally friendly. Example? If a company makes permanent markers and instead of dumping waste into pits in the ground (near your water supply and food source) they dump it in the water, they can claim they care about our land. Everybody knows that what I am saying is true, but it is like the “5 second rule”- we ignore the harmful stuff and plaster smiles onto our faces.

Whoa. That was depressing. I get that anyone reading this cares so, my sermon is not addressed to you. This is for the wasters, the ignorers, and the ignorentees.

Anyways, the third and smallest market is the green one. But, it is also the best. The market is culturally diverse with an array of many shades of green. If grown, it can save lives and potentially the Earth. That is why being green is important to me.

#38 Spend some “green” and buy something green. Not the color, the lifestyle. Being green is affordable, charitable, and smart so there is no reason to decline this mission. Online there are websites like But, if you prefer your shopping to be tangible, there are farmers’ markets galore. Check out my post on markets

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