Monday, March 26, 2012

Because this is my first post, I think that is deserves an awkward title.

It is official. I am in a virtual Narnia of the freedom of speech and the freedom of press. With the power of my keyboard, I can spread a message that will reach the minds of millions. I can already feel the power possessing my words and rising up against my opponent. Climate change. A technical term with scientific context and unspiritual background. These words are repeated by science teachers with monotone voices and armpit stains and etched on blackboards as students dream about spicy boys and chocolate chip cookies. But, my blog is meant to squeeze out boring science lectures and leave the important part- our world is changing.
The average person uses seven trees a year. We can’t regrow 14 billion trees every year. There are a multitude of ways we can address climate change. So every day I will post “An Act Of Green”. I will get these from But, today is special. It is the beginning of a new friendship. So here is two (one for me and one for you).

#1 Convince one of your teachers to turn off their lights for a day. Who knows, maybe it will become a trend. If you’re a teacher, I ask that you do this and tell your students why.
#2 Buy a reusable, canvas shopping bag and put it in your car for the next time you are picking up something from the store. 

Hold on a second. I am not done yet. 

It feels like decades have passed since I sat on my Kindergarten teacher’s floor and watched our classroom cage of butterflies break free from their cocoons. On the day we freed them, their flight of independence inspired me. Is that too deep for a five year old? I was kidding. I wasn't inspired by the butterflies because I was busy thinking about the next Lunch Bunch. But, let me break it down for you. We are all connected to nature. We are not linked to Mother Nature through poetic stories of liberty but the products that we use. Whether we are applying our nail polish or punting (or whatever the term is) the basketball, we are using nature’s “stuff” in our “stuff”. As I said before, there is no silver bullet to fix climate change. Yet, one solution is to create a market of environmentally friendly products. This is resolution that I think is long term and would create a competitive diversity of clean, efficient, and inexpensive goods.


  1. This was really funny, Meryl, I hope it was meant to be funny... I really liked the tips you've posted!

    1. I meant it to be funny and thank you.

  2. This blog awesome! I love how you mentioned the class butterflies because I remember those and how fun having them right there to learn about instead of staring at a stupid textbook. Your blog makes me want to go and yell people who hurt our Mother Earth.;D

  3. Join me in yelling at people. maybe if we team up I will get less weird looks from strangers who I yell at to recycle.

  4. I love how you titled this post, haha. I read your other posts as well, and you will definitely convert people over to the life of being green :)

  5. Awww. That is so sweet. I hope I change some minds, too. Or at least get them to start using their minds. :D

  6. Meryl u caught my attention by your title! The more I read the more I hear your voice speaking to me, the readers. Great choice of examples, everyone can relate to this:)

  7. Thanks! I am sorry that you have to hear my horrible voice in your head when you read my blog. :)