Thursday, April 12, 2012

This post is brought to you in part by CLEO Institute. I found a great little check list on their website: Then click on this button on their main page:
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#18 Support your local farmers' market and buy locally grown food. With less transportation, the oil consumption goes down along with the price. Plus, it stimulates the local economy.\
Are you a "locavore"? I am. What is this amazing breed of greensters? The term "locavores" coined by a Mrs. Jessica Prentice of the great San Fran maintains a diet of food harvested within a 100 mile radius. Did you know that the average carrot took a 1,838 mile journey to reach your mouth according to a study done by Leopold Center of Sustainable Agriculture. But don't go buyin' every locally grown item you see. Make sure that they were grown sustainability- no pesticides and chemicals.
Farmers' markets are easy to find. One great website is :

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