Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello. Sorry if I seem short but, I am mentally pooped right now. And, yes it is actually possible to get me so exhausted that I can talk. I took this special test for a upper grade level and then went to another class to work on a project and then went home to do yet another project. I also wont be able to post tomorrow because I will be working on a group project (I think my teachers want to kill me). At night I am going to a screening of "Over the Hedge". If you live in the Miami area it is at Pinecrest Gardens and will be a ton of fun.  Anyhow, I got this form another blog "Stuff Steph Does". Enjoy!

diy: hanging flower tins

coffee can flower pots
I started this project nearly a month ago back when I was working on the anthro-inspired flower pillow. I was waiting until the fear of frost was gone for Central Ohio to finally plant my herbs and was told May 15 is the magic number for frost free nights. I cheated on May 5 after looking at the 10-day weather forecast and there was no frost in sight, so I’m taking the gamble a few days early.
It’s not like the plants are in the ground anyway; should a freak frost come through I could just bring the pots inside. But they look so cute hanging on the fence who would want to take them off??
Anyway, onto the project.
Here’s what you’ll need:hanging flower pots supplies
and don’t forget:
I used actual tin coffee cans which I don’t know if you can even get anymore. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I’ve been cruising down the coffee row just to check out the container possibilities and all the big “tins” of coffee are now plastic. Fortunately, when I was telling my mom about this idea and how I needed to find some coffee tins I saw little light bulb appear above her head and she quickly scurried away only to come back 2 minutes later with FOUR PRIMED coffee tins! Craft Queen, I tell ya.
The first step is to punch holes in the bottom for drainage and drill the holes in the back for  hanging. Use the hammer for the drain holes and a drill with a metal bit for the rope holes. Make sure you get it just big enough for the rope to go through, not too big.
Give ‘em a few good coats of spray paint. However many you need until it looks good. Let them dry.
Put one of the rope through one of your rope holes and knot it. Then decide on your length and cut the other end accordingly. Knot that end through the other hole.
Voila! A hanging pot!
I put cilantro, chocolate mint, and rosemary in mine. What will you put in yours?


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    1. Thanks! But, this isn't my idea. I found it on the blog "Stuff Steph Does". You should check that out.