Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why are climate scientists always jabbering about renewable energy? I mean, isn't it impossible for the world to rely on wind, solar, and hydro power? We aren't using it now. Well, we are but in a small percentage. It would be near impossible to get everybody running on "green juice". Right? Wrong.

According to a study from Stanford University, there are no "technological or economic barriers" keeping us from my Candyland. In fact, it would only benefit us. How?

  • 2.5 to 3 million lives
  • reduce air and water pollution
  • it would be cheaper than using fossil fuels
  • HALT GLOBAL WARMING (I feel jittery already)

The problem: you. No offense but, c'mon guys. We can do it! It is the political and societal will of us Earthlings that is holding us back.

I am even willing to negotiate down to 90% of energy run on non-Earth-killing resource.

This is from an article at the Stanford News Service.

"Geothermal and hydroelectric sources would each contribute about 4 percent in their plan (70 percent of the hydroelectric is already in place), with the remaining 2 percent from wave and tidal power. Vehicles, ships and trains would be powered by electricity and hydrogen fuel cells. Aircraft would run on liquid hydrogen. Homes would be cooled and warmed with electric heaters – no more natural gas or coal – and water would be preheated by the sun. Commercial processes would be powered by electricity and hydrogen. In all cases, the hydrogen would be produced from electricity. Thus, wind, water and sun would power the world."

One criticism of this plan is that wind farms take up to much space because you need to allow room in between each turbine. To that I say, HA. So, you put some farms in between. Don't be a naysayer.

Wind Power. It's good. And powerful. A wind farm the size of Manhattan could power half the world. So, my tip...

#28 Encourage alternative energy. Buy solar. Invest in a wind company. Yell at your elected officials to do something. Any shade of green will do, just do something. Even if you are just telling friends that alternative energy sounds like a step in the right direction, you are helping. 

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