Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 I am still doing research on the "Home decor" post so today will be different.

"Maybe if we ignore the environment, it will go away".

Why has it become the social norm to ignore the environment? You would be surprised on the number of people who have told me "Who cares? It's not like it is happening now." They are SO wrong. These are pictures taken in Broward County, Miami of high tide. With sea levels rising, say hello to this.

By the way, I have even more pictures. If you want more, comment and I will send you 64 photos that will blow your mind. Also, someone asked if rain caused this. It hadn't rained and you can even see blue skies in the background. But, we can still have fun...


  1. Oh Meryl! This is so cool! I love your pictures, especially the last one! This is a really interesting story with amazing pictures.

    1. What if that guy got swept back to see during low tide? Thanks for caring!

  2. I would like to see some more good pictures of South Florida flooding. I am a candidate and I often talk to groups about planning for climate change. Thanks!