Monday, May 7, 2012

I apologize if you feel used because I am venting to you. Biology end-of-course exams are coming up and I feel emotional.

End of the year testing time has come around. It is just like holiday season except there are no gifts, vacations, or happiness. Students dream of paper floating around with bad grades etched with red marker. For a gal like me, it is not easy seeing all that wasted paper. I am not saying that tests that are being made as a way of inflicting torture upon children is a waste of such a valuable resource that is over used and disappearing, but when did it become necessary to have pages in between the sections of tests that just say “This page was intentionally left blank”. Seriously? The gas that is used to ship these tests to every school alone is headslap worthy. But, I love testing. Doesn't everybody (sarcasm)?

So when you want to take a break from all your studying, here is something you can do.

#29 Watch an environmental movie. There are plenty out there. Here are 45 examples.

1. Carbon Nation
2. Erin Brockovich 3.Wall-E 4. I Am Documentary Tom Shayac 5. Disney Nature Oceans 6. The Age of Stupid 8. Home 9. Happy Feet 10. The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream 11. Climate Refugees 12. Cool It 13. Discovery Planet Earth Series 14.The Lorax 15. Extreme Ice: Nova 16. Six Degrees Could Change the World 17. Every thing's Cool 18. Frontline’s Poisoned Waters 19. Mother: Caring for 7 billion 20. Koyaanisqasti :Life Out of Balance 21. Play Again 22. The Lightbulb Conspiracy 23.The Pipe 24.The City Dark 24.Climax and Revenge of Electric Cars 25.Crude 26.Winged Migration 27.Climate Refugees 28. Bangladesh: Climate Trap 29.Gasland 30. The Last Continent 31. Gashole 32.Save the Farm 33.Homeland 34.The Last Mountain 35.Plastic Planet 36. At the Edge of the World 37. Life Running out of control 38. Forks over Knives 39. Burzynki 40. Pocahontas 41.Sun Come Up 42. Chasing Ice 43.The Island President 44. Planeat 45. Who Killed the Electric Car?

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