Friday, May 11, 2012

Hey.  I hope that ya'll noticed my new header. Nice font, am I right? I love fonts. They are the structure of a nicely designed page. Speaking of structure, I really appreciated this article (thanks to my lovely reader who sent this my way).

Milan is building vertical gardens. But, these aren't your average vertical gardens. Designed to look like buildings, these "treescapes" put a new definition on urban development. Milan is no pearl of a city. Actually, it is ranked the most polluted city in Europe. But, they are going beyond these spectacular monuments of Mother Nature. They have also banned cars from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Now, currently, the buildings are under construction (according to another article dated March 2012).

So on that note, here is my tip.

#30 Plant a tree. How hard can it be? Milan is planting 900 of them in this project alone. Hopefully, you know that trees are good for the environment because they such in the carbon dioxide that we emit but, how about planting some good ol' trees to beautify where you live. Some cities will even plant a free tree in your yard. I know my local town does. In fact, they let you go through a catalog and pick the tree you want. But, trees really don't cost that much to buy. The top seller at Home Depot Online is Sugar Maple Tree. Buying one will lighten your wallet by $8.77. More reasons? They provide shade. They improve breathing. They could potentially last a lifetime. Fruit trees give you something to eat.

So, plant a tree
and I will leave you be
and the temperature
will lessen a degree.


  1. I had no idea Milan, the most polluted city in Europe, was so committed to overcoming it's pollution problem. "Treescapes" sound so cool and I wish I could actually see one. I'm now more motivated to plant a tree to improve our lives as well, because the United States has a pollution problem too.

    1. The world thanks you for caring. And I thank you for reading!

  2. This project looks super cool! I can't wait till they finish so that I have an excuse to visit. ;) After reading this I have a very strong itch to go and plant a tree,you have a very strong influence Meryl! :D

    1. Yay! My mind control worked! Thank you.