Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arctic and Atlantic Cod

This little lecture was brought to you by Dr. Hal Wanless’s workshop on "Empowering Capable Climate Change Communicators". (One of the things we learned at the class was how to pronounce the name)

I am writing this because I love the story and it really stuck. Today there is no tip but, stay tuned tomorrow for DIY tips on Home Decor.

This little story is about Atlantic Cod and Arctic Cod. I color-coded them because it can get super confusing.

Because of the rising global temperature, oceanographers and marine biologists are discovering that the habitats of marine life in the Northern Hemisphere are moving northward. An example of this is Atlantic Cod. Since the temperature is rising, the fish prefer to move toward the pole to be in their natural temperature.

Now, before I continue, you must understand. Atlantic Cod is a fast fish. Meanwhile, the Arctic Cod has lower body temperatures and doesn't move as quickly. This makes it easy for polar bears and its other predators (birds, sea otters, and more) to catch them.

However, the Atlantic Cod is “movin’ on up” to the Arctic and taking the krill (the prey of both types of cod). That is why Arctic Cod populations are decreasing. But, to make matters worse, the Atlantic Cod is too fast for its predators and endangering the population of Arctic wildlife that rely on Arctic Cod.

Although, this is way more than you or I needed to know about Atlantic Cod and Arctic Cod, this is probably one of the most relatable stories about the environment. What do I mean by that? Well, ladies and gents (as I have said before) climate change is anthropogenic. Climate change is causing the shift in Atlantic habitat. So to improve the cod situation, consider your impact on the environment and try to make your actions more environmentally friendly.

Do it for the cod. 

While I was writing this I came up with a cool slogan: 

You should reduce, reuse, recycle, and read. Read what? Different Shade of Green, of course. 


  1. Well said Meryl - great point, well-stated!

    1. Thank you. It gives me confidence to know that you liked the post.

  2. meryl thats so cute that you commented on her comment lol<3 but i loved the story

    1. I reply to all the comments! The story is awesome. It should be past on by generations like Cinderella or Rumpelstiltskin.