Monday, April 16, 2012

WARNING: This post may contain grammatical errors and a lack of my usual plethora of interesting vocabulary. I am tired. 

So, I went to Earth Day Festival (had a blast). Sadly, it got a bit cloudy around 1ish (oneish? whatever). But, everyone was super cool and inspirational. One amazing, cool, awesome, outrageous, magnificent, and totally spectacular event was the solar cook-off featuring my legendary brownies (not really- I used the wrong recipe). Here is a little DIY on how to make your own oven from the Daily Green.

PS-I have never seen this before but, on their website they rate their DIYs' level of difficulty by its "shade of green" (THAT'S ME). This one's level is "adolescent spruce".

Here's to you, Daily Green.


"Items needed: Cardboard box at least 18" square and as deep as whatever you want to cook, black construction paper, tin foil, clear plastic, non-toxic glue, pen, tape, scissors or utility knife (put down the beer first, ok?), ruler, piece of dowel or stick or whatnot

Heart of the hack: Trace a border around the top of your box, about an inch inside the edges. Cut three sides, leaving one as a "hinge." This is your oven door. Nice, eh?
Now, cut and glue a square of aluminum foil to the underside of your door, and cut a piece of plastic just a little larger than the opening. Remember how, when you were a devious little punk kid, you used to fry ants with a magnifying glass? This is your magnifying glass, only this time, you're gonna be frying, well, hopefully not ants.
Next, line the bottom of the box with foil and then cover the foil with a piece of black construction paper. Tape it in place. Place your famous tofu-and-lima-bean casserole in your new oven, close the plastic lid, and prop open the foil-covered door at an angle that best reflects sunlight through the plastic and into the oven.
Grab a drink, kick back, and call all your friends. Just don't tell 'em what's for dinner."

Be sure to stay tuned for my post tomorrow on government (it will be bloody).

6 days until Earth Day.

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