Saturday, April 14, 2012

I am mad.

Why am I mad? Because people are ignorant.

Why do I say that? A girl in my Journalism class says that climate change isn’t true because NASA doesn't believe that it is true.

Why is she wrong? The all-knowing NASA says that “Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the ‘greenhouse effect’”. In fact, NASA has developed a whole website to the issue: On there, they say that “Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner. Effects that scientists had predicted in the past would result from global climate change are now occurring: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat wave.”

Tip of the day? You bet your buttons.

# 19 Shun the nonbelievers. If anyone ever says that climate change isn’t happening, shun them because they are wrong. There are plenty of great websites that disprove many popular theories about why climate change isn’t true. One great one is Skeptical Science (

#20 Stay informed. Don’t let people outwit you when it comes down to a face-off: you vs. the skeptic. They may have more facts under their belt, even though they are taking the wrong side. Facts are your weapons.

#21 One time I was sitting on a panel for a movie screening and someone asked me why the environmental movement wasn’t as significant as large protests like “Occupy Wall Street”. My response was that “There are marches about climate change but, it is luck that builds a movement”. I could have stopped there but, I had an axe to grind and I continued by saying “There are stupid organizations like… well I guess I will just say it... the TEA Party that don’t do us any good but, they became infamous because of luck.”

That was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that the TEA party was “stupid”. What if someone in the audience was a TEA Party member? Would they want to support the organization that I was promoting, if the representative was making fun of their political beliefs? Of course not. I wouldn't want to join if I was a TEA Partier. The moral: you never know who you are talking to so don’t be rude. Respect everyone’s beliefs and prove them wrong with facts not your tone.

You may say “But, you just said that people who don’t believe in climate change are wrong and we should shun them”. I can say this because I have displayed significant proof that supports my beliefs that climate change is true on this blog. And, if anyone were to disagree with me, I have the means and knowledge to hopefully prove them wrong.

8 days until Earth Day.


  1. Wow... It's kind of sad and pathetic you had to use your blog to blast me instead of just talking to me if this bothered you that much. (Personally I was over it immediately) This misunderstanding started because you decided to butt in conversations that didn't involve you, so you took me out of context. Just, FYI, I was kidding. This is the article I referred to: NASA Global Warming Stance Blasted by 49 Austronauts, Scientists who once worked at agency. At the Huffington Post Science. Google it, sweetie.

    You have to be objective, unbiased, RESPECTFUL towards other people's opinions as well as critical. Remember the Alan Gore, global warming video? He stated that in approximately 50 years or so the worst was going to happen on Earth. This is coming from a wealthy man who most probably orders the maids to keep the A/Cs of his mansion on all day, wasting God knows how much energy. Common sense. You can't just believe everything you read.

    So next time, instead of just chastising people on the internet, grow a pair and leave all the petty drama for middle school.

    1. I was not trying to "blast you" on my blog. This is the best medium to give websites and references.
      But that is beside the point. There was a debate in the classroom and someone said "ask, Meryl". I don't know what was being said but, instead of studying (which I would have preferred to do) I looked up from my newspaper (consider that one grade lower on my quiz)out of kindness because I didn't want anyone to get the feeling that I dislike talking to them.
      By the way, I don't get over things that are said against my environmental ideals. I still criticize my friend because he says that climate change isn't anthropogenic.
      You didn't not look like you were kidding (or on my side) so, it is unlikely that I took you out of context or you would have told me "Meryl, I also side with the 98% of climate scientists who believe that climate change is real".
      Instead, I recall you saying that NASA doesn't believe in climate change (and don't say that you didn't say that or you were just kidding because I heard you).
      I looked at the article even though I tend to steer clear of the Huffington Post because many consider them bias.
      If you look at the NASA website it gathers its information from the IPCC peer-reviewed reports which are internationally recognized by scientists as credible data. I didn't quite understand your opinion from your comment but, that was what I believe and hopefully you do as well.
      Al Gore (once my hero) is a politician and I don't give him any credit anymore. But, I don't see what that has to do with believing everything that I read.
      If you felt chasitistized, I am so sorry. But, this comment section is meant for you to rebut me and I encourage you in keeping up with the good work. I hope that we have cleared the air. If not, feel free to write a post on your blog about my horrible make-up (that was a pun- make up and make-up).
      If anyone is reading this thread and wants to read the article:, her blog is creatively named Beauty and the Blog at: