Monday, April 23, 2012

Did you know that by 2048, our fished species could swim away? According to EcoChallenge, that piece of codfish at the local supermarket could be no more. Everyone knows that fishing is a fishy business. Recently there has been outrage over a new issue raised from over fishing. Bycatch is when other marine animals that caught unintentionally and the fishermen know it. Like in Finding Nemo, do you remember the scene when Dora, the dad, and Nemo all get caught in that fishing net at the end. That is not what the fishermen wanted. They wanted the fish that they could sell. For every 1 kg of prawns corralled there is 9 kg of other marine animals that are getting the unwanted attention.
So what do I want? Fishing quotas.
Why won't I get it? Politicians who have been reeled in by the fishing industry.
But it is not just that. Stay tuned for my post tomorrow on ecosystem movement. Meanwhile, here's the tip.

#27 Do your part against overfishing. Buy sustainable fish, non-endangered fish, or fish from certified fisheries.


  1. this is really convincing. i think ill follow this tip(:

    1. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your meal!