Saturday, September 1, 2012

Here is a chart and some point I took from a presentation by Larry C. Peterson at the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science in University of Miami.

Temperature goes up and down. But the current level of CO2 is outside bounds of natural variability and the rate of change is unprecedented. During the last period of melting glaciers, CO2 rose in the atmosphere at a maximum rate of 30 ppm per thousand years. As a result of human activities, CO2 levels in the atmosphere have risen 30 ppm in the last 15 years. Take this point, how you want to. I take it to mean that climate change is anthropogenic. Just consider the repercussions if you say that it will bounce back like it did 130 thousand years ago.

By the way, my uncle was in Hong Kong this summer and he kept a blog of his travels (it runs in the family). Check out Thorpe City and one post that I really enjoyed below:

By the way, I am writing an investigative post on the benefits and repercussions of recycled paper. If you would like to add anything, please let me know.

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