Friday, August 3, 2012

My dad and brother were talking about the notoriously cold weather in Illinois (my brother's moving there) and my brother joking said "At least, it doesn't flood". This is funny because there is great expectation in the scientific community that Florida will flood (we have a dark sense of humor). Now, we are no Maldives (who are expected to be the first country to completely be submerged underwater from rising sea levels), however, Florida is already seeing differences in it's water level. Anyways, my dad who disagrees with me about climate change, didn't find this so amusing.  He said "Going by you logic, won't the Great Lakes flood?"

As my brother tried to explain to him that freshwater areas will recede, I realized there is a misconception about water rising. As I am sure you have heard before, 70% of the world is covered in water. This includes the vast oceans and the less plentiful fresh water rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Oceans are going up from ice cap melt while, fresh water sources that don't connect to any areas with ice caps are receding from increasing drought. 

To find an appropriate way to explain this to my dad, I came up with a metaphor that you can use to better understand water rising.

The water in the bathtub may be rising because the water is on, but that doesn't mean the sink's water level is rising.

#57 I believe I am on Tip 57 but, I am not totally sure. Anyways, it is nearing the end of summer vacation for us toddlers and soon I will be deep in my studies. So, I think one last hurrah is in order. My tip? Go camping. 

             Step 1- Pick a local park or camp ground.
             Step 2- Don't buy your gear, rent or borrow it!
             Step 3- And GO!

For more eco-friendly tips on how to camp visit

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