Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The world is our oyster but, don’t swallow it whole.
Leave water in the watering hole,
for the next generation
but, how do we organize the communication
and operation.
We need education and calculation
To clarify complications.

When did it become so complicated?
What happened to the simplicity?
We were supposed to limit our use of electricity.

There’s nothing wrong with expansion.
Up to the point of overexpansion.
And the mcmansions are just mansions.

I do support progress.
Oh, yes. But, not if nature is left in distress.
When will the time come for convalesce?

For that long shower or leaving the lights on, you want absolution?
Then, come up with a solution
Stand up in the environmental revolution.
Or else Mother Nature, will have her retribution.

Please excuse my horrible poetry but, it is supposed to be inspirational. So feel inspired!

#44 Write a poem about the environment. It will help you care a little more. You don't have to send it to me (if you don't want to), just let/type it out.

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