Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day! Besides celebrating my mother and grandmother, there is a very special mother I would like to give a shout-out to. Mother Nature. You see, Earth Day isn't enough for me so, I commemorate the environment on all the other holidays.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed that info-graphic about Earth from its top-down. Did you know that the tallest landfill is in New York? It is called Fresh Kills Landfill (sounds like a vacation resort) and it stands at 330 feet tall (taller than the Statue of Liberty). 

Modern Landfill (n)- an area of land that is used for the purpose of disposing waste; when the waste is stored above the ground it is land raising but, when it is underground it is land filling.

A modern landfill, so called that because it is not 5000 years old (the first recorded landfill was built in the Cretan capital of Knossos), uses newer technology. Yet, some things will never change. Like the gross fact that we are stuck in a pit. Much like the pits that the ancient folk used to dump their trash and much like the pits that we are using today.

What's changed? Well let's look at the picture below. I guess we have a "methane gas recovery system" but that is essentially worthless because we can't stop all of the methane from escaping. There is a treatment system, but that just pumps the waste back into our soil and water supply and again we can't stop everything. Oh wait, I know I difference! We have more trash now and this contraption cost $2-4 million to build. 

Sorry to gross you out and depress you at the same time. But, not to worry. I always have some solutions to make you feel better.

#31 Reduce. How novel. Just use less "stuff" that would have been thrown out and you will already be doing good.

#32 If you are a large company, there are alternatives. Most waste management companies have other options that are greener and cleaner.

#33 Reuse. There are DIYs for any object. For example, when I changed my light bulb next to my desk here is what I did with the bulb instead of throwing it out.

#34 Donate. Somethings can be donated to local homeless shelters. For example, I always donate my old clothes every year. It is more than just green, it is kind.

#35 RecycleThere are still some problems with recycling but, at least it does less harm.

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