Thursday, April 19, 2012

You have to read this article and refer everyone you know who owns a house. This is why everyone needs to be green. And of course there are more reasons that are not listed but, This article gives you the basic selfish reasons why "green is good". So, here it is. 

Thanks for sending this, Mom. Is it weird that my family and I send articles to each other that we would find interesting? No. Which brings me to my tip.

#25 Share. I get so many emails from my family that sometimes I joke that I subscribe to my dad's newspaper because he sends more emails than anything that I subscribe to. But, don't just share with your family. Reach out to your friends through your network. Who knows- maybe that email will reach someone that will get an idea and come up with an innovative way to solve this mess. Right now there is about 1.9 billion email users out there.
Some of you may be saying "Why do I care because I only use Facebook?" and to that I say "nonsense"!
Facebook has 800 million users and that number is growing.
Lets say you post that the typical person uses seven trees a year" (true fact).
The average person has 120 friends. 120 people just saw that fact.
Now, what if one of your friends comments. Add 120. One of their friends sees that and reposts it. Add 120.
And it goes on and on. 
But, it gets better. The probability of this statistic reaching a CEO (or high up employee) of a Fortune 500 company is in your favor. Lets take #500, Seaboard, a food production company. What do they do? Doesn't matter.This company is already somewhat green.
I say that very loosely though seeing that they produce meat (not the stuff of green dreams). Yet, they own a bio-diesel company. From what I can tell from the website, this bio-diesel is made from animal fat (better than corn) but not the silver bullet to stopping climate change. Bio-diesel is its own controversy.While it can be produced for under a dollar a gallon and it can ween us off our oil addiction, it is made from food products which requires land and nutrients to grow. But, back to what I was saying.
Say hello to CEO of Seaboard Steven J. Breskey. The "J" stands for "just found out that the average person uses seven trees a year". Since he is most likely a pretty green man, he might be inspired to cut down on paper and go paperless in his offices. 
Congratulations, you just got a company with over 6,000 employees to be a shade greener.
How does it feel? Why don't you find out?

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