Monday, April 2, 2012

#9 STOP using non-rechargeable batteries.This is a simple task. Just stop it. Right now. Batteries are toxic, cylinders of DOOM. They contain mercury,which if not disposed of properly could contaminate drinking water. Which is another thing. Do you understand that traces of whatever you throw out come back to the water that you drink and you take your shower with? It has seemed to enter our perception that it's not OUR water because it won't take effect until our kids grow up. Chemicals don't stop and wait until we die, they are there and they were there from the generation before you. Thanks, grandpa. Back to batteries. You can save so much $$$ from recharging your batteries. Plus, you don't have to drive to the store and get new ones (GAS SAVER). So, the next time you are at the store. Go wild and fill up on 'em rechargeable batteries. You can even go wild and get them as stocking fillers. :)

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