Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sack the bags and watch this video!


YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS VIDEO! This is beautiful. I can't even summarize it because the only words that can explain this song is a demand that you watch it.

# 16 Don't use plastic bags. Yes, those “little plastic bags for little plastic cutleries” as Mr. Amazing said in his video. Did you know that 500 billion to a trillion plastic bags are used worldwide?

That is 60 to a hundred million barrels of oil used to make them.
That is 100,000 dead sea turtles, dolphins, penguins, and other marine animals who thought that it was just food.
That is one million dead birds who had the same thought.
That is countless tons of carbon in the atmosphere from manufacturing them.
That is 14 to 20 percent of landfills waiting about the 400 to a thousand years to biodegrade.
That is 1,200 plastic bags per US resident every year.

Stop sacking the environment and switch to canvas or reusable bags. I know this is Act #2 on my first post but, there is more than just the message "buy canvas" as that one says. Think about the dangers of plastic and advocate for better solutions in your neighborhood.

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