Thursday, April 5, 2012

#12 Use public transportation when you can.


  1. Most people don't use public transportation because they're comfortable in their cars. Would you rather drive around in your own car or share it with some random guy? Plus, public transportation is limited. When you ride around on a bus you can only go to the places where the bus stops. When you drive round in a car you can stop anywhere you want.

    1. That is an interesting perspective but, you are wrong.
      1) It is fine to enjoy the comfort of your own car (YOLO) but, do you feel comfortable surrounded by CO2 emissions and dead animals.
      2) Safety has always been a priority for me. That is why I carry around environmentally friendly pepper spray. Different Shade of Green is in no way recommending getting in the car of a stranger.
      3) Public transportation IS limited. Many people dislike that and if you listen to local news, you can always hear about new petitions for more public transportation.
      4) Let me reiterate- Use public transportation WHEN YOU CAN. If these methods don't work for you, feel free to drive your car or(if the journey is under a mile) your bike.
      Does that answer your trolling, Alex?