Thursday, March 29, 2012

This little act isn't from that "Billion Acts of Green". This is kind of my own. It is inspired by my winter trip to Buenos Aires. In Argentina they have this tradition where (on the day of New Year's Eve) they drop their calendars, day planners, work papers, and such, into the streets from their office buildings and apartments. So, as you walk through the streets you can see millions of paper falling down like snow.

Hopefully you know that when it is Winter in the US (or Northern Hemisphere) it is summer down under in the Southern Hemisphere. This means that this was literally their snow. There is a little bit of science in everything.

But seriously now, it made me feel great because it gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Goodbye 2011 and good riddance. So here is my little act that you can do before the Apocalypse comes. :)

#5 At the end of every quarter look back on all the trash... I mean work *cough cough* and RECYCLE it. Don't dump it in the streets like those silly Argentinians. It will keep you organized, and more importantly, it will keep you green. Hopefully, it will keep you Forest Green. Get it? Forest --> Trees --> Paper. I crack myself up.

And to any Argentinians out there... what happens to the paper afterwards? Please tell me because my forest green heart burns with curiosity.


  1. That's something I didn't know. Good job Meryl. I'd love to know what those Argentinians do with all that paper afterwards. Though it's probably gorgeous when it's falling, all that litter would really drive me nuts. Plus, that's such a waste of paper. Have these people ever heard of recycling??

    1. I know, right. I bet they recycle it.